October 30, 2008

A Thanksgiving Wedding

Today's post details a Thanksgiving wedding. Featuring rich autumn hues and the glow of warm light, this event scheme is perfect for any fan of Fall.
- Gorgeous reception tabletop and room decor amidst classic architectural columns [via SocialDesign]
- Unique cake design featuring roses in Fall shades
- Cream strapless satin knee-length bridesmaid dress with a chocolate brown sash
- Wheat and roses combine for an interesting autumnal chair decoration for the ceremony
- Copper and cream invitation with laser-cut leaf designs from FineStationery.com
- Stunning bridal bouquet made of roses, leonotis, cosmos and dahlias


JennieDee said...

I am so inspired by your blog. All the vibrant colors and themes arranged beautifully. Keep up the great work!!


Chelsea said...

Beautiful! I have never really seen an autumn-themed wedding so elegantly designed. Very cool site. I have a blog on luxury travel and we just did a post on destination weddings in Cabo. It would be lovely to combine the two themes! Check it out if you get a chance. Pueblo Bonito Luxury Travel Blog cheers!


Anonymous said...

Hi Rececca!
Thanks so much for the help on the crayon theme first birthday... I actually bought candies for the candy buffet last last weekend. I liked the apron and vase idea. Thanks so much for the immediate response and for the very helpful ideas you gave me. All the best to you and your website. Thanks again, MC
(I apologize for replying in this column... I was having a problem posting my comment under the crayon theme... the word verification is not coming out... I have tried 4 times, on different occasions right after you put the article out until today... please transfer my comment on the color theme...thanks)


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