October 21, 2008

An Election Party

I don't know about you but I will be watching the news all evening on November 4th to find out if my candidate has received the majority of votes. If you enjoy politics or are just concerned whether or not your favorite official gets elected, consider throwing an election party. Invite your friends and family for an enjoyable weeknight gathering with plenty of patriotic pride.

- Red, white and blue folded invitation with a customized ballot rsvp card [via]
- Obama and McCain themed cupcakes [via HWTM]
- Red cocktail with red, white and blue patterned umbrellas [via Martha Stewart]
- White pillow box favors can be decorated with this VOTE stamp from Paper Source
- Red and white stripe square plates and blue and white star square plates
- Democrat donkey and Republican elephant cocktail napkins [via Plum Party]
- Patriotic paper bunting (so neat that it's made of paper!) [via Target]

Please encourage everyone you know to get out and vote this November 4th. We have no greater civic duty than casting our vote in public elections. Never forget the men and women who fought so we have this unalienable right. We are privileged to take part in the democratic process.

1 comment:

tangarang said...

Brilliant idea! We're looking forward to our Election Night Party, and now I have the inspiration and resources... Thanks!


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