October 28, 2008

Fairy Birthday Party

I received an email from Lenadri who is planning a fairy-themed 1st birthday for her daughter. She asked for some help with party inspiration so today's board shows a magical trip to a fairyland for child's birthday.

- No fairy party is complete without dressing each child (and adult if they're willing) with fairy wings, floral headpieces and puffy tulle skirts [image via]
- Invite guests with a pink invitation that features fairies and a mushroom stool (from FineStationery.com)
- Fairy wands are a must for party fun and as a favor. These are handmade wands that have flowers at the top as opposed to stars. It takes on more of an enchanted forest theme with flowers growing on the tips of wands. [image via flickr user zooloonaturals]
- Bright and fun tabletop decoration from Social Couture- star and globe-shaped lanterns create a bright and textured look above, while a centerpiece of grass and colorful butterflies decorates the table. (see close ups of the centerpiece and place setting below the main image)
- These adorable cupcakes each portray the details of a fairyland. [via flickr user gracescakes]

I hope this helps Lenadri! I certainly enjoyed putting this together for you! :)


Lenadri said...

WOW, that is AMAZING! It is brilliant and I can't wait to start planning the party! It is still a couple of months away (planning ahead) but I am going to send you some photos once I'm done.

Love the cupcakes and the wands and the.... well, EVERYTHING!

Thanks again!

michelle {sweet mady's paper} said...

That is fabulous! I just love those cupcakes.



What a fun party! Love all the creative elements. How fun!

~ Gabriela ~

Mommy Thoughts said...

Great idea! I love the wands and fairy wings. But what do you do for boys? Sword and shield? Just wondering.

I'm planning ahead as well for my baby's 1st birthday, and just trying to get ideas from places and incorporating with my own thoughts.

Rebecca said...

You could always try a more masculine set of wings- camo print or other male-esc colors. If not wings, I think you're right about a sword and shield.

Greeting Card Printing said...

Oh my, such creativity and imagination! I love it! I'm sure everyone present for the birthday party will really feel like they're in faeryland. Thanks for the inspiration :)

hterice said...

I love this party. I am giving my baby a fairy first birthday party. You can see it at http://hterice.blogspot.com/2010/03/fairy-wand-instructions.html


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