March 5, 2008

Wedding Wednesday - Black & Pink Bridal Shower

This edition of Wedding Wednesday is for a bridal shower based on this cute black and pink invitation from The pairing of black and pink is the multi-tasker of the event decor world. It works well for showers (baby and bridal), weddings, birthday parties, etc, etc. It's classic yet fun and the opportunities for items matching your theme are endless.

My first finds for today's post are these customized fondant-covered cupcakes from The site incorporates them as part of a reception but using them for a smaller gathering would work just as well and be much more cost-conscious. Try serving your cupcakes and other treats on this Pretty in Pink dinnerware.

To decorate your table, include a bouquet of pink and black anemones such as this one shown on the blog Faye and Greer. I just love the juxtaposition of the delicate soft pink petals and the dominant dark black centers.

To carry the theme to every available element, encourage the bride-to-be to wear a cute black dress such as this one by Diane vonFurstenberg. I absolutely adore every detail of this dress! You can also encourage bridal party members and other guests to dress in pink and black as well. Make sure to take a photo of everybody all together!

Send your guests home with a lasting memory of the party - this personalized CD favor from Checkerboard. The pink cover features a black floral design and allows for your customized text. The personalization doesn't stop there- include tracks played during the party (your song list would have to be predetermined) or songs special to the bride on the actual CD.

Below is a little taste of Kati's awesome version of Wedding Wednesday. Make sure to check out the rest of her ideas on her blog, The Finer Things. I just love how we start with the same invitation and come up with completely different ideas! Let us know what you think!

1 comment:

Kati said...

You and your fancy cake. :P


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