March 24, 2008

Bee Baby Shower

Today's post centers around a Bee Baby Shower! I started by selecting this sweet invitation by simplyput (from I love the cute simplicity of the card paired with the polka dot liner.

Set your table with a white tablecloth paired with a runner in a pattern such as this yellow 'Bee de Lys' fabric. I chose this fabric because it presents a beautiful combination of a sophisticated bee image and the classic fleur de lis. Place clear serving dishes with molded bee images atop the runner. Serve your food selections on these yellow and white bee dishes to complete a perfectly coordinated table.

Try making and decorating cupcakes similar to these bee cupcakes. Create the hive with yellow buttercream frosting and place bees made of chocolate covered raisins and sliced almonds on top. Send your guest home with a few of these bee-adorned petits fours.


nikki said...

can you suggest any ideas for a bee themed co-ed shower? I love your style. we have rented black and white linens with a yellow napkin and black chairs. thats as far as I've gotten. the shower is Aug. 10th. Any suggestions on where to get the paper lanterns? love that. thanks for your time, Nikki

Anonymous said...

I have been looking for that patterned fabric in Navy with white, where did you purchase it?

Rebecca said...

I didn't actually purchase it, just saw it online at kaboodle: Good luck with your search!

Lorena said...

Rebecca, this is cute :) Love it!


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