March 18, 2008

Classic Nautical Shower

This nautical shower theme is for the classy mom-to-be! I started today with this adorable die-cut sailboat invitation from I love the interesting sailboat shape and the sophisticated look when combined with ribbon and a card for your text.

I found these great nautical-inspired linens via Toasts and Tables. They're stylish and simplistically say 'maritime' without going overboard. Try creating centerpieces using these metal lanterns and pots filled with candles or flowers. This would be an easy DIY project.

Now I know not everyone will order a large cake from a bakery such as this lighthouse cake but some elements could be recreated by the home baker. Try making a 1-layer round cake with white icing. Pipe blue lines on the sides and add a nautical-themed topper such as a lighthouse, anchor or sailboat.

Lastly, I included this nautical compass stamp. This could be used for favor tags or on little favor boxes. It could be used to decorate shower game playing sheets or as a stamp on the back of your invitation envelopes. The opportunities for it's use are truly endless.

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