March 27, 2008

Take-out Potluck Dinner

Today's post presents an interesting idea for a party - a take-out potluck dinner! Why not put a new twist on the traditional potluck dinner by assigning each guest a different kind of take-out food to bring.

Send invitations similar to the customized take-out menu below. This is a really basic example but you could seriously go all out with this- you could even create your own restaurant logo! If your guests live nearby drop off the menus/invitations by stapling a rubber band to the top corner and placing it on their doorknob. If you need to mail them instead, print out labels to attach to the back and send like a postcard.As for your decor try to find things that you associate with food service and take-out. To start select a tv dinner tray such as this stylish one made of bone china. These multi-colored utensils have a fancy design, similar to your best silverware, but they're made of plastic! What a neat look and you will certainly use them again.

The main focus of this party is the food so arrange it (in the authentic containers of course) in the center of your table and allow guests to serve themselves. For dessert purchase or make dipped fortune cookies. Send a few extra fortune cookies and/or some leftovers home with your guests in these Chinese take-out boxes. If you chose to make a logo, here is another chance for personalization - design and print out round favor labels to apply to the take-out boxes. Place the boxes in a classic white plastic bag printed with 'thank you' in red.
There are a ton of variations to this party theme. For inspiration head to your local paper and party supply store to see what you could use for your event. My local store has several isles devoted to food service supplies and I always enjoy browsing to see what I could use in a new way.

(Thanks to Kati for helping me brainstorm about how to implement my take-out potluck idea.)

1 comment:

Daralene said...

This is by far one of my favorite ideas that you have posted, and I kinda really want to do it soon!


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