August 18, 2008

Yellow & Brown Wedding

Today's yellow and brown wedding was inspired entirely by this ceremony/reception photo from Faye & Greer. I am in love with every detail- the cream and yellow wedding dress, the bridal party attire in a mix of browns, goldenrod and creams, the lush greenery of the garden, the closeness of the guests to the ceremony, the cream patio umbrellas and the white paper lanterns - everything works so well together! Since this one photo shows so much there are very few other elements left to include! For the invitation, consider Sunshine by Thistleberry Press for a luxurious letterpress presentation with yellow florals [via]. A bridal bouquet cream calla lilies and pale yellow freesia would be lovely. And lastly, a beautiful 5-tier cream/yellow wedding cake alternating lattice-esc bands and flowers [via Rebecca Thuss].

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julie desmeules said...

I just passed the Kiss Ass Blogger award along to your site - it is truly one of my favorites! Visit my site and click on the award banner to register your site. Now it's your turn to pass the award!


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