August 26, 2008

Blue and Green Striped Baby Shower

Today's post features a blue and green striped baby shower. Though the blue and green palette lends itself for a boy, simply switch out the blue for pink and you'll have a great theme for a girl.

- Blue and green striped invitation from
- Table setting featuring blue dupioni-silk linens and blue, green and white grosgrain ribbon woven runners
- A close-up of a place setting shows a green menu card and vases of cream calla lilies
- Multiple hues of blue, green and white candies make for great and fun favors
- Pre-package a candy assortment in these light green dotted packets tied with vibrant blue ribbon [via flickr user Northern Transplant]
- For dessert, bake and decorate adoable cucpakes such as these by flickr user birdahoy


Jessica said...

I LOVE the cupcakes!

Brooke said...

This is PERFECT! Just enough to get the creative prime pumped. So classy, so not cheesy, so not what everyone on the block is doing.

Thank you!

ashley d! said...

so cute! love the colors!


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