August 27, 2008

Wedding Wednesday - Unique Fuchsia and Lime Bridal Shower

Happy Wedding Wednesday! This week Kati and I have chosen a new Prentiss Douthit invitation from This invitation mixes a bright pink and green floral design and a light blue floral design divided by dark brown vertical stripes. This unique and lovely invitation needed a equally unique shower theme.

- My first (and probably favorite) selection was this reception decor featuring patterned and plan floral balls floating in the pool. In the distance of this beautiful outdoor setting you can see tables draped in pink linens with brown chairs. [via Tapestry Flowers]
- Stylish green daytime dress for the bride by Michael Kors
- Table decor featuring a bold fuchsia and lime floral arrangement
- Place settings include a fuchsia menu card and lime floral piece adornment
- Additional floral centerpiece for decorating any other areas in need of a slash of the theme colors
- Fuchsia and lime favor filled with sweet treats selected by the bride
- Bridal Passion cocktail [recipe and image at]

Be sure to head over to The Finer Things to see what Kati has put together for this week's theme! Below are a few of my favorites but trust me, you'll love the rest of her selections just as much!

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