August 19, 2008

August Birthday Dinner in Purple

Each month I select a new color and plan a birthday dinner around said color. August's color is purple! My first inspiration came from this purple place setting. With white uniquely shaped plates, lilac napkins, a lavender tablecloth, purple beaded garland, lilac pouch favor and purple striped votives this place setting has purple down to every detail yet the inclusion of multiple hues does make it an overdose of purple. For a centerpiece, combine clear square vases of varying heights and fill with water dyed purple. Place a white floating candle in each vase. Arrange vases space out and place river rocks in between (as shown) or place next to each other in a neat pattern. Invite guests with this ecru fold over card from adorned with a deep purple ribbon. For a sweet ending, make a batch of these champagne cupcakes with white chocolate and cream cheese frosting topped with an edible flower, pearl and glitter [via Cupcakes Take the Cake].


ashley d! said...

mrrr!!! oh i love this color combo! and the... well... everything!! <3

lenno_cornish said...

One of my favorite colors. Enjoy it. It raises my mood at once. A great idea of those to organize each birthday in one color!

Absolutely Unique said...

I loooove purple. It's my favorite color. Beautiful photos! I'm so glad I came across your blog. I've posted a link on mine :) Will be checking here often from now on!


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