June 17, 2008

Summer Ice Cream Social

My husband and I received a ice cream maker for our wedding and we are anxious to give it a try. So I thought it'd be a lot of fun to throw a party and make different varieties of ice cream with friends.

Invite your guests with an ice cream themed invitation such as this fun polka dot invitation by Stacy Claire Boyd. (from FineStationery.com)

To start, you'll need an ice cream maker. We have a Cuisinart Ice Cream Machine and it seems to be a rather popular choice as most stores carry this model. If you don't want to actually make the ice cream, have an ice cream social with many mix-ins and toppings for an equally fun occasion.

Now for the accessories- for toppings or mix-ins consider using one or more of these pastel colored serving trays. To scoop your delicious creations, give these funky ergonomic scoops a try. These neat scoops create small cylindical blocks of ice cream providing for a contemporary fresh look. Need to transport your treat later? This insulated ice cream tote will keep it perfectly cool.

Serve your ice cream concoctions in these sweet pastel bowls. Lastly, top your custom ice cream with toppings from Stonewall Kitchen. Pictured above is their Spiced Rum Butterscotch Sauce. They have several other sauces too, in an array of great flavors.


Scoopalicious said...

this is an adorable set up! Love the ice cream container cooler bag. Every year I hold an ice cream party using my cuisinart -- last year I made 22 flavors! Good luck -- it is a ton of fun!

Samantha said...

I love the idea of homemade ice cream and the colors in these pictures! My husband and I recently received an ice cream maker as well, so I can relate to your excitement!


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