June 16, 2008

Orange Floral Country Wedding

Today's post was inspired by a wonderful inspiration board on one of my favorite sources for great ideas and pictures- Faye and Greer. Sadly, that blog is no longer updated but it's many posts are delightful. I have admired this particular Faye and Greer post and always wanted to give my own take on a orange floral country wedding so today I decided to do so!

The lovely floral cake, orange pocket letterpress invitation(would also be great as programs) and reception table decor are all directly from the Faye and Greer post, as I simply couldn't imagine my orange country wedding theme without them. To these brilliant picks I added a few of my own:

- Floral reception decor from flickr user and blogger, OnceWed
- Orange, pink and green bridal bouquet
- Papaya floral letterpress invitation ensemble
- Vanilla and peach preserve favors


Courtney said...

that cake is amazing. so weird, but I just posted on orange today too...a baby shower I did over the weekend. And get this...my favors were in canning jars like these. Seriously. Great minds think alike?

rebekah @ elizabeth anne designs said...

That cake is lovely!


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