June 26, 2008

Host & Hostess Gifts

I know that finding the right host or hostess gift can be difficult. Finding something different and really useful is even more of a challenge. So here are a few suggestions to thank your next host or hostess:

- Stonewall Kitchen - Delicious sauces and rubs packed in a stainless steel tray. Perfect for the grillmaster.

- Eco-Me kits - These eco-friendly kits help you make all-natural products at home whether for body (lotions, scrubs, oils), home (cleaning products), baby or pets. Mix in a few regular household ingredients and you've got an array of green products at home. The Eco-Me kit contains all ingredients in a cute sack, perfect for gifting.

- Bono appetizer set - Set of 3 white bone china bowls hand painted with thin black lines. Great for dips, veggies, snacks, sauces, etc and sure to fit any table design scheme.
- Candela candle lamps - Flameless candles that sit on a charger until you're ready to use. Great for outdoor entertaining in the warm summer months.
- Pre-packed Picnic Basket - Contains everything you could need to eat in the park and more. Great for couples and for familes.
- Cakesicle Pan - This clever pan presents a super fun new dessert idea for the baker.
- Wine Thermometer - Both handy and stylish, this tool will make sure you serve your wine at the correct temperature.
- Midnight Bar Mixes - Make drinks with ease using these starter mixes. Perfect for any cocktail party.

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