June 10, 2008

Blue & Yellow Preppy Wedding

Today's post is for a blue and yellow preppy wedding. The blue and yellow combination is very nautical so some anchor motifs would fit in perfectly if that's the theme you're after. But, for today's board, I'm just keeping it nautical-inspired.

I started with this blue and yellow table decor. This has been one of my favorites for a long time as I had originally cut out this picture for my wedding inspiration book 2 years ago. I just love the square tables and plates! It's so different from the ordinary and so sharp looking.

Next, I knew of the perfect invitation for this theme- a diagonal stripe Repp tie invitation from FineStationery.com.

For table cards, consider something a little different such as clipping navy bordered table cards to a piece of twine or string. (If you are going for the nautical theme use a knotted white rope for this idea.)

For the bridal bouquet, consider yellow and white flowers wrapped at the base in blue ribbon. Incorporate the pins into the bouquet design by mimicking a common cake pattern of three small clustered dots.

Now for the attire- Have the bridesmaids wear a preppy blue tea length dress such as this Priscilla of Boston design. For the groom, find a matching yellow and blue Repp tie to wear under a navy or charcoal suit. A simple yellow boutonniere would stand out perfectly on the dark suit.

If you're not planning a wedding this theme would translate perfectly for a dinner party, a male's birthday party or a gathering for Father's Day!


Marisa said...

I love, love your blog! The ideas are so much fun and so beautifully presented! You've got me brainstorming and trying to find a reason to use one of these ideas...I have a friend who's having a baby soon...ooooh! :)

Thanks for making blogspot beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely in love with these ideas and am wondering what the centerpiece is, and if you have a picture of that. Just wondering!

Rebecca said...

The centerpiece is actually a pile of beautifully wrapped gift boxes. Check out this link to see the picture: InStyle Weddings

Anonymous said...

I just saw this today and this is the exact color and feel I went with for my wedding. Wish I'd seen this before :)

Anonymous said...

What flowers were used in the Bouquet? I love them!!

Rebecca said...

It's a mix of double Dutch tulips and sweet peas.


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