June 6, 2008

A Blue and Brown Wedding

Today's post features a brown and blue wedding. My inspiration came when I was perusing the Brides website and found these artisnal chocolates packaged in a cute blue box with brown ribbon. I love the combination of light blue and brown and thought this is the perfect beginning to a theme.

I love the modern look of this brown and blue Vera Wang invitation from FineStationery.com. The vertical shape and french style envelope make this ensemble truly striking.

As for the attire, dress your bridesmaids in brown gowns with light blue sashes. Have them carry a white bouquet so the bride can stand out with a light blue bouquet. Bring the look together by having similar flowers in all bouquets as well as wrapping the stems of each bouquet in brown ribbon. As for the groom, have him don a light blue boutonniere to match the bride.

Take the color scheme through into the reception by using a napkin design in white and brown. Tuck in a little sprig of one of the light blue flowers you are using in your bouquet. Shown in the picture above are some Bella Mosa delphiniums.

Lastly, for dessert serve up a slice of this 3-tier light blue round cake featuring brown ribbons on the base of each layer.

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