June 3, 2008

Sand Dollar Beach Party

Let's go to the beach! Well, we can at least bring the beach to us with a sand dollar beach party theme. Actually, I am heading to the beach this week so I wanted to present a theme revolving around one of my favorite beach symbols or elements, the sand dollar. So elegant and simple, they are easily incorporated into your beach themed gathering.

- Sand dollar invitation - This may be a little too formal for an everyday gathering but you could easily recreate as a DIY project. Print your wording on some card stock and attach a sand dollar for that added element.
- Bamboo fans and slippers - Make your guest feel like they're relaxing at the beach with these slippers and fans.
- Sand dollar table numbers - You may not need table numbers for a more informal get together but just imagine the possibilities- place cards, favors, decorations, outlining a walkway, etc, etc
- Sand dollar cookies - Give as a favor or eat for a themed snack
- Sand dollar glass stemware ornaments- Could be decorated to indicate who's drink is who's
- Sand dollar addorned candle - Great for a favor or for decoration


Kati said...

This was almost my post yesterday!!! Too funny!

Holly said...

Crap... now I'll be up all night looking at all of your pretties, now that I've found your blog... Thanks... ;-)


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