April 9, 2008

Wedding Wednesday - Yellow Bridal Shower

Welcome to another edition of Wedding Wednesday, where Kati of The Finer Things and I select one invitation and create two different event interpretations. Today we're featuring this beautiful yellow floral letterpress invitation from FineStationery.com for a bridal shower.

Let's start today with the table decor! This elegant yellow candle and flower centerpiece would look lovely atop a white table cloth. The bouquet of yellow calla lilies is held together by a band of Swarovski crystals and placed inside a unique clear glass vase.

Champagne looks extra classy with a great tip from Martha: Soak sugar cubes in fruit concentrate or puree (she suggests cranberry, pomegranate or apricot) until they're completely saturated. Let dry overnight on a wire rack. Serve one at the bottom of your champagne glasses for a touch of color and flavor.

For dessert, serve some impressive yellow and orange floral cupcakes. [image via flickr user { karen} ] For a final sweet touch send guests home with a clever assortment of truffles. Every time a truffle is eaten a word is revealed on the bottom of the favor box. What a neat idea!

Lastly, for the bride who wants to stylishly fit into the yellow theme, try this fun dress by Shoshanna.

Make sure to check out Kati's Wedding Wednesday edition too. Here's a little sneak peek of two of her lovely selections...enjoy!

1 comment:

Kati said...

Bexx, I truly adore your theme. Every day I love your blog more & more! Thanks for another great Wedding Wednesday!


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