April 29, 2008

Teal & Peach Wedding

I was inspired today by this unique teal and peach table decor. This color scheme is fresh and lovely for spring and summer events. You could also use deeper shades of teal and orange to make this combination work for fall.


Sarah Coombs - sdcoombs@uncc.edu said...

Wow. This photograph is what inspired us to have a teal and soft orange wedding. Have you seen any other weddings with these same colors? Like you said, it is a very unique color scheme and it's difficult to find weddings items that match! If you have seen other similar weddings, would you mind posting and/or sending pictures? Also, can you give me more details on the types of flowers used in these gorgeous bouquets?

Rebecca said...

The bouquets are made up of roses, lilies and alstroemeria in shades of pink, yellow and orange.

As it is a unique color combination, I really haven't seen that much out there but I'll keep a look out for you!

brianna said...

I would love to see a color board with a deep teal and orange for fall--It seems like it would be a perfect scheme for me, but I am having a hard time visualizing ways to make it work

Wedding Favors said...

I never thought of Teal and Peach together until i saw this inspiration board. I really want to incorportate Teal into my wedding and was wanting something different than your average Teal and Browns. Thanks so much for the great tips.


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