April 10, 2008

Pink & Green Shower (Baby or Bridal)

This post began as a pink and green baby shower but I realized it would work well for a bridal shower as well so let's just call it a pink and green shower. I'll start today with this green and hot pink invitation by William Arthur (from FineStationery.com). I love invitations that feature ribbon. It's such a simple added detail that can take a plain card and turn it into an elegant invitation.

The green and hot pink color combination is very fun and is easily translated into every element of your event. Start with your table decor by layering a green runner and pink napkins on top of a subtle white striped tablecloth. Center a bright bouquet of pink flowers in a clear vase in the center of your table [flower image via flickr user mairose]. Place a fresh green pear at the top of each place setting to serve as both a favor and a place card. Carry the decor above your table by placing solitary pink roses into small clear round vases and hanging them from the ceiling by hot pink ribbon [image via Brides].

Serve food in coordinating pink and green containers like those eloquently photographed by Rebecca Thuss. Pink Rhubarb Punch will refresh your guests and fit the color scheme nicely. Add some limes or mint to tie in the green. Lastly, end on a sweet note with a piece of this cake decorated with green textured frosting and pink flower adornments.

1 comment:

amy * stem * said...

Today is one of my new favorite days! I found your blog roundabout through The Finer Things via Hostessblog.

Anyhoo, I'm adoring your posts and all of your great ideas and finds.


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