April 15, 2008

Birthday Dinner in Black

Today I'm starting a new feature on Tastefully Entertaining entitled 'Birthday Dinner'. Each month I will do an birthday theme specifically for that month and each edition with focus on a particular color. For instance, this month's birthday dinner showcases the stunning color black. Though not necessary a Spring color, black will always be popular and transcend from season to season. Personally, black is one of my favorite colors. Even my wedding colors were black and white! Ok, enough about my love for black, on to the event theme!

We'll start today with the invitation. This beautiful black and white invitation ensemble from Nicole Scott Weddings is one of my absolute favorites! I've admired this invitation ever since my wedding planning days as I loved the unexpected black card with white text.

Set your table with these beautiful floral DIY centerpieces. Place black river rocks at the bottom of a clear square vase. Add some water and set in a bouquet of white carnations. Tie a white grosgrain ribbon with black stitching around the vase right where the river rocks end. Center your creation on your table atop a black and white patterned tablecloth. Mix up with some black taper candles or a black candelabra.

Use these black and white memo cubes for holding placecards. You could use the traditional white card with name or print out a black and white picture of each of your guests for a really personalized touch. Set a black and white hued favor on each place setting.

Serve cute little desserts in white paper cups set on a black platter. [image via Rebecca Thuss] Shake up a ginger martini or come up with a custom black and white cocktail with your favorite ingredients. Cheers and happy birthday to those celebrating in April!


Kati said...

Love this! I am not at all surprised!

rsessi said...

Help! Where can I find a black cake stand/platter like the one shown with the cupcakes?!?! Im having a hard time and would like to do this type of centerpiece.

Rebecca said...

Unfortunately, I don't know where you can find it. The image is a photograph by Rebecca Thuss. You could try contacting her representation or maybe talk with local event planners in your area? Good luck and please post a reply if you are able to find it!


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