April 23, 2008

Wedding Wednesday - Colorful Dots Engagement Party

Welcome to the next edition of Wedding Wednesday, where Kati of The Finer Things and I take one invitation and create two different event themes. Today we're creating an engagement party around this Vera Wang invitation with pink dots liner from FineStationery.com. A neat thing about this invitation is that it features a 'motif' or a little graphic that is interchangeable. I chose toasting glasses for an engagement party but you could chose an umbrella image for a baby shower, a slice of cake for a birthday party or just a pretty flower or a palm tree for any occasion(there are tons of options.) For today's post I decided to pick up the design of the envelope liner and focus my theme around multi-colored dots.
I love paper lanterns and tend to use them frequently in my event decor suggestions. They're relatively inexpensive and easy to find in any color or pattern you may need. Try using pink, yellow, green and cream paper lanterns placed evenly across your ceiling to perfectly represent the multi-color dot theme. [image via Rebecca Thuss]

For your table, select some polka dot plates to accent your main dinnerware. These polka dot dinner plates would be great chargers to a small matching solid color salad plate. Above each place setting put one of these personalized dot cluster mint tins. Use tins featuring different colors that fit your theme and be sure to alternate from place setting to place setting.

Serve a champagne drink that plays up the dots theme such as this lava lamp cocktail. The sweetened dried cranberries actually float up and down in your glass! And lastly, celebrate your engagement with an elaborate dot themed cake. The dots are actually just frosted sugar cookies!

Make sure to check out The Finer Things to see Kati's engagement party theme featuring the same invitation! Below is a little taste to whet your appetite!

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