April 14, 2008

A Striking Purple & Orange Wedding

This bold floral paper lantern inspired today's post - a purple and orange wedding theme appropriate for spring and fall weddings. Lanterns are so versatile in event design. Instead of hanging it, set it on a buffet table or your gift table to add a blast of color and style.

Carry a striking bouquet made of orange, purple and cream cymbidiums, lilies, hydranges and roses. Accessorize your table with place settings of purple accented menu cards and orange ribbon. Add some drama with hanging flower balls in vibrant hues of burnt orange, deep purple and soft cream. [images via Agape Events]

These cake slices look so delicious! The top left slice features 3 flavors of buttercream-- vanilla, light coffee and dark coffee -- in between layers of devil's food cake. The colors also somewhat fit into the design scheme. Not your ideal cake flavoring? Instead, try the blackberry buttermilk cake (bottom left) or the white chocolate pistachio cake (top right).

Give your guests a gift of good fortune with these purple favor boxes filled with traditional and purple fortune cookies [image via Rebecca Thuss]. Consider customizing the messages inside for an added personal touch.

I discovered this purple and orange dress after I had finalized my inspiration board but I wanted to include it as well for those of you looking for bridesmaid attire to fit this theme.


Anonymous said...

thank you so much for posting this! i am planning my wedding with this colour theme but have not been able to find anything about how these colours would look together. this is great!!
thanks again!

Shannon said...

Reminds me of my room... My room is orange with a purple stripe around the middle. All the accesories are purple and the comforter is pathwork plaid with purple trim and orange inserts.

Anonymous said...

This is great. I have been wanting to do my wedding with this color scheme but people keep telling me that it wont look good. I don't think they see the beauty of these contrasting colors. The flowers are even the same ones I was thinking about.


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