September 11, 2008

September Birthday Dinner in Bright Blue

As summer is almost over, I wanted to make this month's birthday dinner reflect the sunny brightness of the season before we switch to the deep and rich hues of fall. So, here is September's Birthday Dinner in bright blue.

- A bright blue ice bucket and water bottles with loopy straws is practical and pulls in the color scheme nicely
- Blue and white paper decorations
- Two-tier blue cake with white initial for the birthday celebrant
- Add some flair to the chairs with blue geometric shape garlands
- Place some bright blue confetti in round clear acrylic containers and add in some candy or other treat for a fun favor
- Make or purchase blue invitations to gather friends and family for the party


Shannon said...

ahh...that looks like so much fun!

Stephanie Rice said...

This may be random, but you seem like the right person to ask for party tips! I'm throwing a baby shower tomorrow for my aunt who is expecting twin boys, so we wanted to have blue punch. I've tried the recipes I found online but they are horrible. Do you know of a good blue punch recipe? You can click on my name to comment me or email me at - Thanks!

Rebecca said...

Hi Stephanie!

Unfortunately, I don’t have any blue punch recipes to recommend to you and wouldn’t want to steer you wrong! But possibly consider one of the following ideas:

- use blue food coloring in sprite/ginger ale
- float blueberries in lemonade or water for ‘blueberry lemonade’ or ‘blueberry infused water’. This may also work with sprite/ginger ale but I don’t know what that would taste like exactly.
- offer blue bottled drinks: Jones Soda, bottled kids’ punch, Blue Raspberry Hugs, Powerade, etc

I hope this helps! Have a wonderful shower tomorrow!


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