July 9, 2008

Wedding Wednesday - Pink & Orange Tapestry Bridesmaids' Luncheon

Here's the next edition of Wedding Wednesday! Kati, of The Finer Things, and I chose to create a bridesmaids' luncheon based on this pink and orange invitation by one of our favorite stationers, Prentiss Douthit (from FineStationery.com).

My first selection for today's theme was this table decor. I like the champagne colored linens with the pop of the pink napkin. Add a simple pink floral centerpiece to complete the look.

Keep the menu healthy and tasty like the food shown in this panini buffet (as brilliantly photographed by Rebecca Thuss.) For dessert, serve up a slice of this beautifully hand-painted 3-tier cake.

Express your thanks as your bridesmaids depart by sending them off with a sweet treat and a sparkling drink. Pretty packaging and an inspiring word adorn these small packs of treats. Use as place cards with each guest's name or include a meaningful word or saying as shown in Rebecca Thuss' photo. Sparkling cider mini bottles allow your bridesmaids to continue the celebratory nature of the event long after they get home.

Below are 2 images from Kati's bridesmaids' luncheon. Be sure to check it out because this is one of the great occasions in which we went in completely different directions with our events! I love when that happens!

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