July 21, 2008

Summer Dinner Party with Family

Today's post details a summer dinner party for family. Gather with your loved ones to reminisce, catch-up and spend quality time together. Recreate traditions and make new ones.

- DIY candle luminary - Decorate your space with these lights for when conversations last well into the evening hours; This idea can be worked into any decor by using different colored glass jars or different beaded garland.
- Photo Table Decor - This was the inspiration for this entire post. I love the DIY lit up photo centerpieces. Directions provided on Martha Stewart.
- Watermelon-Basil Margarita - A fun, summertime beverage in the pink hued color scheme. Fruit cocktails are a must for summer entertaining.
- Outdoor Photo Display - Great idea to view and chat about old (and new) photos. Beautiful photo found in the gallery of Oh How Charming, an event planning studio in California.
- Pink circles invitation from FineStationery.com - Make sure each aunt, uncle and sibling is able to attend by sending an invitation at least one month in advance.
- Cookie box favor - Bake up some of the family favorites and wrap in a cute box. Include recipes as a convenience for those new to the family or those who misplaced the recipe.


Kati said...

Sweet! I love the photos strung between the trees!

Savvy Occasions said...

Love it, love it!


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