July 31, 2008

An Asian Evening

Today's post features an Asian-inspired dinner party. This brilliant table decor by Social Couture was exactly what I was looking for and served as the main inspiration for the rest of the post. Social Couture actually sells all of the elements featured in the photo, individually and as a whole themed set.

Other elements for this theme:
- Orange lantern tri-fold invitation
- Orange and lime green take out boxes - classic with a vibrant color twist
- Homemade fortune cookies with pomegranate granita (recipe from Food Network)
- Zen liquor - site features recipes for a ton of concoctions including Zen Saketini, Zen Breeze, Zen Iced Tea and many more


Anonymous said...

I love this theme! thanks Rebecca!

- Kalee

Liz - Wedding Bistro said...

I really like this theme, too. Check out this article
for some more ideas!

Amelia PS said...

Oh how wonderful is the discovery of a lovely new blog!!! So happy I stumbled upon yours :)
I am your newest follower :)
Amelia from www.ztastylife.com


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