February 27, 2008

Wedding Wednesday!

I am so very excited for today’s post! Tastefully Entertaining is teaming up with Kati from The Finer Things to bring you Wedding Wednesday, a creative battle til the stationery folds competition! Well, maybe not that dramatic but definitely a lot of fun! Kati and I have been talking a lot lately about our blog ideas and found we both wanted to include a regular wedding related feature entitled Wedding Wednesday. So we decided to use this as a platform to show how one invitation can fit into more than one event motif. Below you’ll find my first edition of Wedding Wednesday featuring William Arthur’s elegant letterpress wedding invitation from FineStationery.com.

The combination of deep burgundy and bright blue makes this layered card truly stunning. The square shape and letterpress text are both elements that are extremely popular right now. I started putting together today's board by looking for cakes. I love wedding cakes and admire those artistic enough to make such beautiful and delicious works of art. I saw this particular cake, created by JollyBe Bakery, and absolutely fell in love. Not only did it tie in the color scheme but its playful combination of birds, flowers and vines is just spectacular.

I couldn't believe my luck when I found the perfect bouquet for this color scheme! I love how the shades and textures come together to create an very interesting look. The bouquet combines begonia foliage and porcelain berries with dark red tree peonies, dahlias and Black Beauty roses.

I like when a couple incorporates a signature cocktail at their wedding reception. It's a great way to really personalize some of the smaller details. So, the next element of my theme is the Something Blue cocktail. The recipe is rather simple: 2 oz Hpnotiq, 2 oz white wine and 1 oz ginger ale. Not only does the bright blue match the color scheme, but it also carries the 'something blue' to another level.

Lastly, I worked on selecting a favor that would reflect the style and colors of the invitation, cake and flowers. I selected this attractive tin of jasmine tea by MarieBelle New York. I have always thought the best favor is something useful to your guests and tea is universally well-liked.

I hope you enjoyed my version of Wedding Wednesday! Here's a little taste of Kati's theme interpretation based on the same invitation. I absolutely love her choice of this vintage blue dress! Make sure to check out the rest of her ideas at
The Finer Things and check back next week for another edition of Wedding Wednesday!


Kati said...

I am still incredibly jealous of your great bouquet find.

Misty Dawn Photography said...

OMG you and Kati soooo complement each other! I might just have to blog about ya'lls blogs LOL! Great job on the mood board!


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