February 20, 2008

The Best... Place Card Holders

Today I'd like to introduce a new feature entitled 'The Best...' Every week or so I will present an array of similar products. For instance, today's 'The Best...' post showcases place card holders.I feel that place card holders are often overlooked when it comes to planning an event. Though they're small, they can really help accentuate your theme and show your creativity. Here are some of the best place card holders I've seen:

Eiffel Tower- Perfect for a Parisian themed wedding or get-together
Corks- Useful for a wine tasting, a wine and cheese party or a Little Italy party (think Lady & the Tramp)
Ornaments- Cute for use around the holidays without overdoing the red and green
Domino- Great for a game night or for use at a kid's table for any event
Fleur-de-lis- Classic and elegant for your formal dinner parties or gatherings
Gold Leaf Blocks- Simple, subtle and suitable for any entertaining you do
Elephant- Original, interesting and will definitely attract your guests' attention

2 other unique ideas not pictured-
Scrabble- Use your scrabble racks and spell out guests' names with the tiles (you may need more than one game or additional tiles for this)
Chalkboard Candle- [via 2modern]- neat way to personalize both a favor and a place marker; this may also work on small terracotta pots if you wanted to use a little potted plant instead

Please feel free to comment with suggestions on what you'd like to see next time in The Best...

1 comment:

Kati said...

Love the scrabble idea! You can get scrabble racks on ebay (and tiles too) fairly cheap.


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