January 15, 2009

Pink, Lime & Black Wedding

Today's post, featuring a pink, lime green and black wedding, was inspired by this fun tabletop design by Ravishing Radish. Utilizing Totally Tabletops dishes and a cake from Tallant House, this display is a great base for a contemporary wedding scheme.

- Customized pink and black coasters
- Personalized name buttons attached to stylish pink and black table cards
- Bridesmaids can wear classic black dresses while carrying vibrant pink and green bouquets
- Have the groom wear a solitary pink flower boutonniere


LotusHaus said...

Yay! I love Ravishing Radish Catering and Totally Tabletops! I saw this table in person and it was definitely exciting! For more inspiration with this theme, check out RR's mod party photos here: http://picasaweb.google.com/LotusHaus.Design/ModParty?authkey=vUpHEmY-ZDg&feat=directlink

Kelly@Color Sizzle said...

You have such great color ideas for events. I find that more people want to use "unexpected" color schemes for their special occasions. I look forward to checking back!

Mark and Trisha said...

My daughter's wedding was pink, green and black and it was beautiful! I love all of your color combos.


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