January 22, 2009

Chartreuse & Aqua Wedding

The Knot has declared that chartreuse and aqua is a 'hot new color combo' for weddings. I couldn't agree more, as this pairing has lovely potential for spring events.

- A beautiful table setting with a multi-tier centerpiece made of lisianthus, cymbidium orchids and Kermit mums alongside green taper candles
- Votives decorated with color coordinating jelly beans serve as a perfect favor
- VW getaway photo by Duston Todd [via snippet & ink]
- Beaded aqua clutch by Moyna

- A trio of wedding cakes with varied aqua and chartreuse designs by Colette's Cakes
- Metallic cream heels

- A candy buffets in hues of green [via snippet & ink]
- Colorful stir sticks from Martha Stewart
- Pale aqua bridesmaid dress by Maggy London


Kelly@Color Sizzle said...

This is a great color combination! I love the aqua in these photos. It's really a timeless color.

Event Girl said...

This has such a lovely, slightly preppy feel to it. The colors mesh really well : And the VW Bug is the perfect accent!

Michelle @ Moon Glow said...

Fantastic color combination! Vintage yet modern.

TJLoop85 said...

Very nice color combo.

It's great to add a pop of color to the wedding decor...whether it be incorporated into the wedding cake, the flower arrangements or chosen for the bridesmaid dresses.

Francesca said...

This is a refreshing color combination, love it! I like the candy buffets in green hues. Also, those beautiful centerpieces.

Carrie said...

I completely agree. I adore the chartruese and soft yellow combo too. We have some fun cupcake wrappers in those colors.

I love your site. Lots of great tips!

Carrie of Bella Cupcake Couture


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