November 12, 2008

Thanksgiving Family Dinner

Hello and happy Wednesday! You may notice that today's post isn't part of the regular Wedding Wednesday series. I have decided that, though Wedding Wednesday has had a wonderful run, it's time for some fresh and new series, special features and theme ideas. Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks and months for Holiday gift guides, budget-based entertaining features, the next edition of Entertaining Reads (with a GIVEAWAY!) and much much more. I have loved showcasing wedding themes each week and will certainly continue to provide wedding-based inspiration. So keep coming back to Tastefully Entertaining because I promise some exciting months ahead!

Thanksgiving dinner parties are a time to showcase the rich hues of fall as well as the main symbol of the season - leaves.

- An embroidered leaf table runner and mahogany dinnerware unite on this Thanksgiving tabletop from Crate and Barrel
- Sweet-gum-tree spurs make for a unique and textured place card (via Martha Stewart)
- Tall candlesticks with golden-orange tapers and vine adornments to line the center of your table and cast a warm glow (via Martha Stewart)
- Leaf plates are perfect for serving bite-size appetizers or desserts (via Crate & Barrel)


kati said...

I will certainly miss Wedding Wednesday, but change is good and I am sure many others, like myself, will be looking forward to what comes next.

Vicky said...

haha I love that I was invited to your thanksgiving dinner!


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