November 19, 2008

Oh Baby! Red & Pink Valentine Baby Shower

Melanie emailed me searching from some red and pink heart inspiration for a baby shower she's planning around Valentine's Day. The theme really couldn't be more perfect as the couple's last name is actually 'Hart'. So, though no typography is used in the images above, I would definitely take advantage of that fact and use the last name spelling wherever possible in the party elements.

- A scoop of red sorbet looks extremely elegant when placed in a lovely white dish and garnished with a pale pink sweet-pea. [via Brides]
- Homemade stained glass heart card [via Martha Stewart] - using this as your invitation is a great way to uphold the traditional element of hand-making valentines
- Pink floating heart candles could be set on the table on placed atop water in a low rectangular vase

- The Mom-to-be should be stylishly comfortable - this red, soft knit maternity dress from Olian fits the bill
- Seating cards attached to strings adorned with clear, pink beads and pink roses. Not having assigned seating? Use this idea for a photo wall instead. [via Brides]
- Beautiful red and pink floral arrangement for a centerpiece [via]
- Raspberry macaroons are a lovely and delicious dessert. [via Brides]


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