November 3, 2008

A Christmas Wedding

A Christmas wedding doesn't need to abandon the traditional combination of red and green. Instead spice up your color scheme with deep rich hues of red and vibrant lime green hues. Today's post showcases a modernized Christmas wedding.

- Lime laser cut curtain provides a great and unique way to display your place cards
- Lovely tabletop featuring red linens and stunning lime and red floral centerpieces
- Mini organza tote bags in red and green can hold whatever favor you have in mind
- Place setting made of layered red square plates
- 3 tier white square wedding cake with lime banding and red floral accents
- Bridal bouquet made of gorgeous red and lime green flowers [via Lucky Me]


tangarang said...

really gorgeous!

Madelyn @ Southern Weddings said...

I adore this look! I especially love the red and green florals. The color combination is so vivid and chic! I really love this look!

Loralee - No Fuss Fabulous said...

This cake is adorable. It's the perfect resemblance of a present to be opened Christmas day without looking over done! I also love the square red plates. They add a modern touch to a very classic theme.

michelle {sweet mady's paper} said...

Beautiful! So festive, modern and elegant.

Michelle@EverydayCelebrating said...

Beautiful! I have a soft spot for xmas weddings since I had one!

Lucky Designs said...

This is lovely! I cannot wait for the holidays

Elizabeth Bailey said...

Wow! These photos of Christmas wedding decor ideas are amazing.


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