May 7, 2008

Wedding Wednesday - Blue & Green Couples' Shower

Welcome to another edition of Wedding Wednesday, where Kati of The Finer Things and I take one invitation and create two unique event interpretations. This week we're planning a couples' shower based on this fresh green and blue invitation from

After we picked this week's invitation, I immediately went to Rebecca Thuss' portfolio to find this lovely blue and green table decor. I had seen the image before when browsing through her site and knew I'd have to wait until just the right event to use it. I love the mixture of size, color and shape presented by the vases. It plays up multiple shades of blue and green and doesn't come off too feminine (a challenge when incorporating males into a wedding shower.)

I wanted to include a cocktail for this event and decided to suggest serving mojitos. Yes, the mint leaves are green and match our color scheme, but more importantly the mojito is a universally loved drink (by men and women.) Mojitos make me think of warm weather, happy times and relaxing outside - just the feel I want for a summer couples' shower.

For a unique activity I recommend asking guests to bring a memento (a photo, a written note, a ticket, a souvenir, etc) that will help them tell a story about the bride, groom or the couple as a pair. Have guests place their memento on a metal board with magnets for all to see prior to and after the activity. Gather everyone together and ask guests to tell their story or explain their chosen memento. This is sure to provide some fun as everyone takes a collective trip down memory lane.

Choose a simple cake for dessert such as this white cake with blue and green ribbon topped with a blue paper flower. For favors, set up a blue and green candy buffet with take out boxes for guests to take some sweets along home.

Make sure to check out Kati's Wedding Wednesday post too! Here is a sneak peek snapshot of a few of my favorite things from her event interpretation! I just love the cupcakes she included!!

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