May 12, 2008

Pink & Black Cameo Wedding

Today's post features a black and pink cameo or silhouette wedding. This would also be excellent for a couples' shower or for a sip and see featuring the baby's silhouette.

- Cameo place setting
- Pink and black wedding attire and bouquet
- Silhouette individual wedding cake
- Silhouette programs or favors

- Silhouette wall decor (would be great above where the bride and groom chairs)
- Silhouette thank you note
- Silhouette jewelry roll (great for bridesmaid gift)
- Pink and black floral centerpiece
- Silhouette tags (could be used as favor tags, coasters, etc)


SwellCakes said...

Dying to know...who made the silhouette cake? I love it!

Rebecca said...

The silhouette cake was made by Cheryl Kleinman Cakes. Isn't it amazing? I love the whole concept and all the detail involved!

sarah said...

So gorgeous!!

Thomas said...

I would really like to know where I could find the ribbon used for the flowers. I have been looking for something like it for 16 months now.
Can you please help?

Rebecca said...

Hi Thomas,

Unfortunately the Martha Stewart image doesn't give details on where the ribbon was found. I'd recommend trying places that carry Martha Stewart products in case that ribbon is her own design.

Good luck!


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