May 5, 2008

Pet Party

Pets are members of the family so why not throw a party to celebrate their birthday or throw a sip and see when you adopt a new one into your family? I've been to several such events and they have always been a ton of fun!

My inspiration for doing a pet party today in particular came because the beginning of May means cat birthdays in my house! Happy birthday to Darcy, who will be 4, and Bingley, who will be 1! (Bonus point to those who know what the names come from!)

So for those of you who want to celebrate your cat or dog look below for some inspiration. I found a few images that can help you create the perfect pet party:

- Personalized pet photo invitation or announcement from
- Dog cupcakes (could do cat faces instead)
- Autograph dog - Another option would be to get a dog/cat toy to have guests sign, just make sure your pet doesn't get his paws on it!
- Gourmet dog treats as favors (could substitute cat treats)


kim said...

love your your blog! i recently stumbled upon your blog and i'm hooked. entertaining inspiration at its best!

Kendra said...

I know this is way past the fact but do I still get bonus points for knowing that your cats are named after the main male characters in Pride & Prejudice?

Thanks for all of the beautiful party ideas!

Rebecca said...

Hi Kendra- certainly! haha I'm glad there are other Pride & Prejudice fans out there! :)


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