December 8, 2008

Holiday Host & Hostess Gifts

Ready yourself with some great host and hostess gifts for all the holiday parties you will attend this season. Here are a few new suggestions for any price range:

- President Brie and Camembert- great for any gathering, delicious gourmet cheeses and crackers can act as a contribution to the party or as a treat to be enjoyed afterwords by the hosts.
- Monogrammed colored glass cocktail shakers are a festive and personalized gift for the mixologist.
- Photo coasters in a wooden holder are perfect a family of hosts who want to showcase favorite pictures.
- Slightly more expensive but definitely a thoughtful and lasting gift, the hot sauce of the month club would be fitting for the experimental chef (For more cost-conscious giving, assemble a basket with a few select sauces instead.)
- Cute and clever, these number wine charms are the helpful hostess gift that allow every guest to know which glass is theirs.
- Holiday hand-dipped strawberries are an easy and delicious gift for any host or hostess.
- This lovely wine decanter is a luxurious but affordable gift for the wine connoisseur.
- Thinking outside the box is always appreciated. Subscriptions to food and entertaining magazines, such as Bon Appetit and Gourmet are a year-long gift for the ultimate host.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Perfect ideas! I especially love the holiday dipped strawberries! I am going to a party this weekend and I am thinking of bringing those now! Thank you!


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