December 12, 2008

A Good Will Cookie Party

Cookies are a delicious and fun part of the holidays. I have many memories of spending time in the kitchen with my Mom learning to make our family's favorites. Cookies seem to have a way of bringing us together and are a perfect theme for a holiday party. You've probably heard of a cookie exchange party (where everyone brings a different treat to share) but why not take that concept and help spread joy this holiday season. Invite friends to bring a few dozen cookies in addition to supplies for making cookie packages. Group a few different cookies and spend time together wrapping them up in creative bundles or boxes. Then, target a group of people, whether you know them or not, and hand them out. Imagine the fun you'll have with your friends, in addition to helping make the day of those you give an out-of-the-blue gift of yummy cookies.

Above are a few new favorites from Martha Stewart to add to your recipe box. Pictures and recipes can be found here. Below are some suggestions for lovely ways to present your cookie packages (also from Martha Stewart).


Anonymous said...

I featured your party on Tip Junkie today. Fabulous idea. Thanks for the inspiration!

Taylor said...

Oh, yes! Just what we all need. To pack on more calories during the holidays! I suppose that's what gym members are for as New Year resolutions! Darn those tasty cookies!!!


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