December 3, 2008

Oh Baby! Bright & Modern Spa Baby Shower

Daysi emailed in asking for some inspiration for a modern and warm multi-colored spa baby shower. There are many things you can do to make a home environment into a spa setting. Light tons of votive candles to create a nice ambiance. Purchase or create cds to provide soothing background music. Give each guest a pair of slippers which also can serve as a favor. Though this may be a little costly, consider hiring a masseuse to give 10 minute massages to the guest of honor and all guests.

- Modern and fun, this place setting combines a bright dotted placemat and a contemporary floral napkin [via HWTM]
- As a fun but low-key activity have guests help read a few children's books aloud. How great for your little one to have these recordings of friends and family reading to them as they grow older. Idea and cute packaging from Martha Stewart.
- Give the mom-to-be a color-coordinated spa gift basket [image via flickr user Gift Guru]
- Cute, modern silver favor bags can hold spa supplies like nail polish, nail files, samples of perfumes, etc
- Fresh florals in a vase decorated with a coordinating contemporary flower design [via HWTM]
- Customized water bottles fit the colorful theme and add the ultimate healthy spa beverage [via HWTM]


Madelyn @ Southern Weddings said...

I love this idea! The colors and patterns used are so chic! This is perfect for any party!

Celeste said...

Very cute.


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